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With an industrial history over 100 years, Babcock Wanson is a leading international supplier of industrial boiler equipment and solutions. The group relies on its subsidiaries in eight countries in Europe and beyond, its two manufacturing sites in France and Italy, and a global network of commercial and technical partners.


The integration of Thermigas will allow the Babcock Wanson group to strengthen its expertise in environmental aspects and to deepen its offer with equipment that will allow customers to save energy by optimizing the consumption of their infrastructure.


For Thermigas, this is the opportunity to benefit from strong industrial and commercial synergies by relying on the technical expertise and the network of subsidiaries and agencies of Babcock Wanson to accelerate the distribution of our products and develop the activities of service on our installed equipment fleet. In addition, our products can be directly associated with Babcock Wanson solutions. The two companies share many points in common, a know-how in combustion, an industrial customer base focused on the food and beverage sector and, above all, a philosophy based on the energy performance of its customers and the decarbonisation of industrial processes.


Thermigas achieved a turnover of  4 million euros in 2020 and currently employs around twenty technicians. Our know-how, derived from 30 years of experience in multiple industries, allows us to offer high-efficiency products, thus contributing to the energy transition of our customers.


After two acquisitions in the Netherlands (Reputabel) and in Belgium (Maes) which made it possible to develop services in these geographical areas, the acquisition of Thermigas is the third materialized by Babcock Wanson since its independence from the CNIM group in 2016, thanks to the support of the FCDE.


This acquisition fully reflects the group’s ambitious development strategy, supported by the FCDE, focused on services and support in the energy transition through both organic and external growth.

Patrice Le Du, CEO of Thermigas said: “The takeover of Thermigas by Babcock Wanson allows me both to secure the future of the company and its employees but also to sustain its development. The merger of the two groups will allow me to gradually hand over the hand by increasing the skills and responsibility of Thermigas employees, while relying on the support and support of a European group such as Babcock Wanson.  »

Cyril Fournier-Montgieux, President of Babcock Wanson adds: “Babcock Wanson and Thermigas share a common business model balanced between products and services but also common values: that of reducing the energy and environmental footprint of our customers. So it seemed obvious to us to welcome Thermigas to the Babcock Wanson group.  »

Julien Di Marco, Partner, member of the FCDE Management Board adds: « We are delighted to support the takeover of a company as complementary as Thermigas for the Babcock Wanson group. This acquisition, which constitutes the group’s third external growth operation since our entry into the capital, just a few months after the acquisition of Maes in Belgium in September 2020, will allow the creation of strong synergies and the strengthening of the value proposition in terms of energy performance that will benefit both the new Babcock Wanson group and its customers. «